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Joyce Design Group is an architectural firm with a strong focus on renovation and restoration of residential and commercial properties.   Jill Flannery Joyce is the owner and principal architect.  

Graduating in 1981 from the University of Colorado at Boulder, Jill became licensed in 1992 and worked for several leading architectural firms in Pittsburgh.  In 1997, Jill began working on her own as an architectural consultant and officially formed Joyce Design Group in June 2000.

The firm is located in Lawrenceville, one of Pittsburgh’s oldest neighborhoods.  The firm’s primary focus has been in city neighborhoods.    A strong and somewhat sentimental commitment to work with and restore the architectural integrity of existing buildings and the urban environment is at the core of the firm’s attitude.  Joyce Design Group’s diverse portfolio consists of commercial facade renovations, historic preservation, renovation of mixed use building, retail coffee shops, institutional, corporate and residential additions. 

Joyce Design Group has been awarded 36 Historic Preservation Awards from the City of Pittsburgh and the Historic Review Commission.

The firm’s philosophy is for the Owner, Architect, and Contractor to interact as a team to strengthen the lines of communication, thus enabling creative problem solving which results in the highest quality end product.


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171 44th St.

Pittsburgh,PA 15201